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Business Process Outsourcing Services

We provide Business Process Outsourcing services with a stronger orientation to achieve the Operational Excellence which means providing an efficient and quality service.

To do this a very different approach is needed from that used by most of outsourcing suppliers, frequently focused on a pure contact with Customer managing rather than focused on process and events which caused the problem.

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The conventional managing focused on contact is a reactive managing where a series of standardisation and reprocessing activities are made only after customers complaints. Obviously this means a consequent increase in costs and in the time and a low quality of service perceived by final Customer.

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Our managing model provides for a proactive approach oriented to Operational Excellence where the contact to customer service by Customers can be avoided by acting to defuse or manage a critical event. 

This can only be achieved through the following steps:

  1. monitoring and managing of the operating process

  2. use of technologies for analysis and process managing 

  3. resources specialised on process and customer management

Our Services (a few examples)

We provide a wide range of Business Process Outsoutcing Services, from more traditional (Inbound, Outbound, Back Office) to the most innovative:


    • Multi-language and multi-channel Customer Care services (voice, mail, chat, social, web, sms, fax, etc.)

    • Order Acceptance and Estimates Request

    • Remote Switchboard e Virtual Voice Mail

    • Accounts and workforce Agenda


    • Telemarketing

    • Teleselling

    • Market Research and Survey (e.g. CSI, NPS, Customer Experience)

    • Outbound Campaigns (e.g. courtesy call, churn prevention, payment reminder, mailing recall, etc) 


    • Document Management

    • Analysis of Detection Quality Campaigns (e.g. CSI, NPS, Customer Experience) 

    • Data entry  specialists (es. contratti, contabilità, ecc)

    • Data Standardisation (e.g. biographical data, mailing data, payment data, etc)


    • Control Room management for the operating processes monitoring

    • Administrative Process Management, accounts receivable/payable

    • Management of Customer acquisition process

    • Management of technical support process

If you want to know more contact us.

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