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Technology Solutions for the Operational Excellence

We focused and specialize to identify a range of technology solutions which allowing operational and productive organisations extremely effective without incurring significant initial investiment about licenses or integration costs.

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Our main objective is to reduce the operating costs and increase quality perceived by your final Customer at the same time. 

A Business Data Driven organisation is necessary to obtain highest standards of quality and efficiency, based on following 5 enabling factors:

  1. a great foresight about events that may affect operating and production processes. 

  2. an optimal workforce planning in the light of forecast loads and skills needed to make operating and production activities.

  3. an efficient operational organisation with high levels of individual and collective workforce productivity.

  4. an extensive and appropriate skills of the resources involved in managing of the operating and production activities.

  5. an effective and efficient coordination of operating and production processes that allow optimal and early managing of each distinct event, exception and activity. 

The combination of these 5 factors allows the achievement of Operational Excellence.

Technological Solutions we proposed (a few example)

There is currently no technology which contains all the features needed to achieve Operational Excellence, therefore we have identified and selected a series of  platforms. We have properly modified these platforms and we have applied them to these specific business needs.

Here are a few examples (non-exhaustives) of platforms included in the proposal solutions set: 


  • Business Analytics for the Big Data analysis and predictive modeling. 

  • Work Force Planning for scheduling of workforce activities and shift.

  • Real-Time detection of presence, production, costs and contract margins.

  • Automatic Dispatching  of backoffice activities and saturation of unproductive time.

  • Business Process Management, to organise business processes in real time.

  • Dynamic Simulation about behaviour of operating and productive processes in time.
  • Dynamic and interactive Knowledge Base and Next Best Action adapted on individual Customer.

  • Multimedia and Multi-channel Interactive communication, for the interaction with final Customer

  • Automation of repetitive processes or low-value activities, extention of the number of operations carried out in a specific time and processing time extended to 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

If you want to know more contact us.

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