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Consultancy for Process Innovation

The presence of defects inside process produces a "snowball effect" in terms of events growth and necessary actions to normalize the process. It causes an exponential growth in operating costs and drastic drop in the quality perceived by the customer.

Our main target is to make operational processes and business processes more fluid and more efficient in order to reduce defectiveness. All this is possible with the innovation process. In this way operating costs are optimized and quality is increased.

We have developed a new and flexible methodology which makes it possible to make Innovation Process quickly and without important impact in terms of structure and corporation systems.

The methodology used by B4VALUE is based on three steps:

Ancora 1

In this phase a macro scan of the operational processes is performed. This is a short-term action. 

The target is to identify the policy areas which can produce best value and choose areas on which to focus next Assessment phase in cooperation with customer.

In this phase the costs are entirely borne by B4VALUE.

Ancora 2

In this phase a Business and Operational Due Diligence is performed through a diagnostic of the current situation, integrated with expected developments informations identificandone le possibili aree di ottimizzazione ed il conseguente Piano di Intervento, quantificandone i relativi investimenti, costi e benefici.

This types of action may be divided in three classes:

  • CLASS A high rate of return with Pay-Back Time < 6 mounths

  • CLASS B high rate of return with Pay-Back Time from 6 mounths to12 mounths

  • CLASS C a medium rate of return with Pay-Back Time from 12 mounths to 24 mounths

Ancora 3


In this phase the Deployment Plan is performed in close cooperation with Customer.

This Deployment Plan is structured in two phases:

Quick Win:

This phase is marked by quick actions with low effort (both in terms of costs and complexity) and substantial benefits, in order to maximise the return on investiments.

This investiments have a pay back time less than 6 mounth or 1 year,  it pays the investiment with saving and productivity growth.


This phase is marked by medium and long term actions necessary to consolidate structurally the Value Creation.

Methodology provides for a qualitative and quantitative mapping of «AS-IS» processes.

Immagine3 english.png
Areas of application (a few examples)

This methodology is valid for all operational processes, Tale metodologia è valida per tutti i processi operativi, both administrative and technical or commercial, and for all the manifacturing processes. Greater benefits are achieved in the complex processes - namely with an high number of paperwork or pieces to handle.

For example:

  • Logistic processes

  • Productive processes

  • Technical support processes

  • Activation of services processes

  • Active and passive invoicing processes

Other Consultancy services

In addition to Consultancy about Processes we offer a range of other consultancy services in order to ensure a successful result, for example:

  • Re-engineering and Knowledge Base optimization​

  • Re-engineering and Processes/Procedures automation

  • Events analysis that influence Customer Experience

  • Support to Digital Transformation, in order to cut down on telephone calls and increase social networks and digital channels use.

  • Training and coaching in order to adopt new models of collaboration and Agile development in company, to develop new digital skills and facilitate a change of mindset and company approach.

If you want to know more, contact us.

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